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Thank you!!!


Title: You're the One I'm Dreaming Of
Fandom: Glee

Made these during a long train ride on Friday. The girl next to me probably thought I was a bit weird. I blame it all on that amazing Buddy Holly-esque Darren Criss GQ photoshoot.

...It's going to be a long summer.

ETA: There's now a second part to this series.

Preview: batgurl88 - Kurt 

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*snort* Really, Show?

So. The Merlin promo people have apparently been holding back the goods to give to the American audiences, but the latest batch of pictures have me side-eyeing that photographer so hard! I know I couldn't have been the only one who thought this when they saw them.

I've actually been wanting to make one of these spoofs for a while, so I suppose I should be thanking them for the opportunity lol.


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Help_Japan Auction Items

Auction to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


help_japan  help_japan  help_japan 

I'm offering a set of at least 10 icons and a custom photomanipulation. Donations to the bidder's charity of choice.

Enjoy playing games? Writing fics? Creating banners and graphics? Making new friends? All of the above?

Join merlin_land! It's an awesome community with three great teams to choose from - become a member of teamarthur, teammorgana, or teammerlin and start playing today! :D

Check out this post for sign-up details.


Okay. I think it's official that I've worn out the Princess Bride and Monty Python references (and probably the A Very Potter Musical/Sequel ones as well). I doubt it will stop me from doing them in the future, but it needed saying.

Incidentally, the number of AVPM references is owing to the fact that I originally intended to post this batch in honour of the sequel premiering on YouTube (yes, I've been working on these icons for that long). But then, S3 of Merlin started and I just couldn't stop adding to them... So, here they are, 7 months later.

Feel free to take any that you like, but please don't claim them as your own. And if you're using them outside of LJ, please credit.

In other news, apparently Photobucket censors pictures that have the f-word in them? :\


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Icon Post - Extremely Overdue Edition

Finally got these up after weeks of LJ screwing with my ability to post images. -.- Hopefully the next batch'll be easier.

This is another big round of icons from the latest Pass It On Icons Challenge at [info]merlin_land , where we made icons based on random prompts (resulting in quite a few odd/rare-pair icons). As always, feel free to take any you like, but please don't claim them as your own. And if you're using them outside of LJ, please credit me.


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Wallpapers (of a sort) [Merlin]

So, this is a bit random.

Basically, when that picture of all of the knights surfaced a while back, I nearly died from the awesome, but I also really wanted Merlin to be in it. And then the second picture surfaced with Merlin as part of the ensemble, but I was a bit disappointed with how everyone else ended up looking. And since I was quite determined to use this picture as my new desktop wallpaper, I set about adding the Merlin from the second picture into the first one and extending the sides of the picture to fit my bizarre aspect ratio without stretching the image.

And since my journal has been rather lacking on entries lately (I've been trying desperately for two weeks to post a large icon batch, but everything keeps screwing up on me), I figured I might as well post the resulting wallpapers, in case anyone else had been wanting the same thing.


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Another picspam for merlin_land  (go Team Arthur!), this one on the incredibly slashy and wonderful pairing of Merlin/Gwaine. I have been shipping these two since July, and the actual episode did not disappoint! Gwaine is such a great character, and his dynamic with Merlin puts Lancelot to shame xD Plus, the writers are so shipping them. I mean, look at the title of this spam - I'm not making this stuff up! ;)

Warning: Possible spoilers if you haven't seen the episode yet.

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR UNKNOWN EP FROM THE END OF SERIES 3. Don't click unless you're willing to be spoiled.

A/N: Behind-the-scenes spoiler pics surfaced from Sébastien Quérité's blog just over a week ago, and I really fell in love with the composition of one of them. I wanted to see what the picture would look like without all of the equipment and extra crew members in the shot, so I set about cleaning it up a bit. (MORE BEHIND THE SPOILER CUT) 


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