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I don't live here anymore...

Illegibly Smirk

First Place cm_icontest6 First Place cm_icontest6 Best Texture cm_icontest6

Thanks to twinsfan33 for the awesome banners!

Photobucket third place best caption


From the 1st Annual Criminal Minds Fan Fic Awards. Thanks to everyone who voted! :)


Thanks for making the 2nd Annual CMFFAs a success! And thank you to everyone who voted!

The moodtheme on my journal was made by me, entirely from icons I've created (if I can't have lots of icon space, I can at least make up for it with 132 moodicons lol). Please do not steal any of the icons without crediting me, but if you see one you like, you're welcome to have it. :)

Policy on Friending:
Feel free to friend me if you want to - no need to ask permission or anything. I don't mind. I might add you back (I like meeting new people), though I should warn that RL sometimes gets in the way of me staying up-to-date on my 'friends page'.

But if you're adding me in hopes of finding some type of sooper sekrit Friends Only posts, you'll be quite disappointed ;) I generally don't blog much on this site. Other than that, I'd be happy to have you!